Mont Saint Michel

Coach services cancellation on the 9th of October 2016 due to the security perimeter of the event "

On the 9th of October from 9am to 2:30pm, due to the security perimeter of the event " Tout Rennes Court", the coach services number 102,104,101,103,105 of the regional coach line to and from Mont Saint Michel are cancelled.

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High tides in Mont St Michel Bay!

Every month, live a unforgetable moment with the high tide in Mont St Michel!

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Mont St Michel terminal  :

Coach passenger pick-up and drop-off is located near the Tourist Information Centre.
Whether you are coming or going, make sure you take into account the travel duration between the coach terminal and the Mont St Michel itself :
  • “Passeur” : Free shuttle service, 25 min
  • Horse-drawn shuttles, "Maringotes", for-fee service, 35 min
  • On foot, 45 min